The Battle of the Fans is back for the seventh year, and is ready to highlight the best student cheering sections across Michigan.  To get involved in the contest, follow these steps before the Jan. 13 (noon) deadline.

  1. FILM YOUR STUDENTS.  Get your video camera and film your student section in action on a game night.
  2. POST TO YOUTUBE.  Edit your video to no more than 3 minutes, and post to YouTube. The deadline is Saturday, Jan. 13 at noon.  Remember: you must include at least 30 seconds of discussion about why your school should be named the winner.
  3. EMAIL US YOUR LINK. Email your YouTube link to or  We'll add it to our Battle of the Fans playlist.
  4. SEMIFINALS: Nine schools will be selected as semifinalists, 3 each from Class A, Class B and Class C/D. Semifinalists will need to complete 10 BOTF Challenges over a two-week time span.
  5. FINAL JUDGING.  Three finalists will be chosen, and the MHSAA team will visit each school on a game night.  The winner will be announced on Feb. 23.
  6. #BOTF. Use the hashtag #BOTF throughout the winter when you have a great student section idea or when you see an act of great sportsmanship.

2017-18 Battle of the Fans Official Rules

NEW IN 2017-18: A new level of the competition has been added for BOTF VII. The nine semifinalists will have two weeks to complete a series of 10 social media challenges, after which the three finalists will be named. We anticipate there will be a lot of social media activity during the Challenge period, and student sections will have a lot of fun watching what each other is doing.

BOTF Overview

Sportsmanship is an important part of educational athletics, and student cheering sections can be a key factor in creating a festive high school event. The MHSAA Student Advisory Council wants to see your student section in action, and see how you contribute to a fun and positive experience. The MHSAA Battle of the Fans competition will let us all see who has the top student cheering section in Michigan.

Send us videos of your student section making noise on game night. We want to see videos that reflect enthusiasm and togetherness within cheering sections. We want to witness cheers that pump up the atmosphere without disrespecting all involved in the sporting event. We want to see a mixture of school spirit and positivity within student cheering squads. 

Anyone can create the Battle of the Fans video: student section leaders, members of the video production class, yearbook staff, student council or anyone else. We think, though, the best videos will probably use teamwork from the entire student body.

Here’s more about the competition…

Positive sportsmanship, student body participation, school spirit, originality of cheers, organization of the group, student section leadership, and overall impression / FUN

Videos should be between 90 seconds and 3 minutes long, and each video should contain two components. First, you must include at least 30 seconds of a student (or students) explaining how your student section embodies the elements listed in the judging criteria and why your school should be named as the top student section in the state. Second, you must include at least 60 seconds of your student section in action. Show us how loud, organized, positive, and original you can be. And don’t forget, sportsmanship is a key component to having one of the top student groups in Michigan.

Upload your video to YouTube, and then email the link to or  Videos must be submitted no later than noon on January 13, 2018.  The MHSAA will create a YouTube playlist highlighting all of the videos.

NEW IN 2017-18: After all videos have been posted the MHSAA Student Advisory Council will choose nine Semifinalists. The semifinalists will be asked to complete 10 social media challenges from a list of 20 found on Schools will have approximately two weeks to complete the challenges, and then send the MHSAA an email listing links documenting the completion of the challenge.

The MHSAA Student Advisory Council will choose the three Finalists (Jan. 29) based on the initial application and the completion of the social media challenges. 

Members of the Student Advisory Council and MHSAA staff will visit all Finalists on a home game night. We’ll shoot and edit our own video to document our experience at your school.  We'll also meet with the school's student leaders and write stories about our experiences.  The videos and stories can be found on the MHSAA's Second Half website, and we'll also tweet the links and post to Facebook for other students to see.   

The MHSAA Student Advisory Council will determine a winner based on the application, the challenges and the visit using the judging criteria listed above. It will also conduct a vote using a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Likes, Shares and RTs to help in its decision making. Council members will not be use the actual number of “votes”, rather it will use the number of votes in comparison to the size of the school; 500 votes from a school with 1,000 students is better than 500 votes from a school with 2,000 students.

The winner will be announced Feb. 23. The winner and two other finalists will be invited to the Class B Boys Basketball Semifinals at the Breslin Center on March 23 to be recognized with the winner to receive a championship banner. We will also play a compilation of all three finalist videos on the Breslin Center HD scoreboard during the Boys Basketball Finals in March.

Jan 13 (noon) – Video submission deadline
Jan 16 – Semifinalists announced
Jan 16-27 – Social Media Challenge period
Jan 29-Feb 16 – MHSAA/SAC site visits
Feb 23 – Announce BOTF VII Winner
Mar 23 – Winning school recognized at Breslin Center

Even if you don’t think you can win or if you have only a few seconds of video, we’d love to see your student section in action!  We want everyone to have fun with this contest!

Congrats to Frankenmuth HS, BOTF VI Champion!

When Shafer Webb and his classmates were middle schoolers, they watched the high school student section turn into a party at every Frankenmuth home game.

Webb's older brother Brennan led the 2012 section that won the inaugural MHSAA Battle of the Fans. And, of course, older brother told younger that no student section would ever measure up to the original champion.

Shafer, and about 300 of his friends, took that as a challenge – and have responded by earning a second championship banner as the first two-time winner in BOTF history.

Read the full story

Support Your 2017 #BOTF Finalist

Now that MHSAA Staff have completed their visits to all five Battle of The Fans Contest Finalists, it’s time to engage communities in a final show of support.  Starting at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, February 13, fans can cast votes for their favorite BOTF Finalist in one (or all) of the four following ways:

  1. LIKE the corresponding photo via the MHSAA Facebook Page.
  2. SHARE the photo on your own Facebook Timeline.
  3. LIKE the corresponding photo via the MHSAA Instagram account.
  4. RETWEET the corresponding tweet (with the hashtag #BOTFVote) from the MHSAA Twitter account

Likes, shares, and RTs will be tallied for each Finalist when the vote concludes at 4:00 PM on Thursday, February 16.  The MHSAA Student Advisory Council will consider social media activity when selecting the eventual Battle of The Fans Champion for 2017.

Best of luck to all five of our Finalists!

School 2H YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram
Boyne City Story Video Like/Share
Charlotte Story Video Like/Share
Frankenmuth Story Video Like/Share
Petoskey Story Video Like/Share
TC West Story Video Like/Share

#BOTF VI: Will We Have A Repeat?

Last year’s champion is back. So is the first to hoist a Battle of the Fans banner.

And sticking with the familiar, two more past contenders are looking to take the final step and be named Michigan’s best high school student cheering section.

But watch out as well for a first-timer that has broken into the mix – and will host the first stop on this winter’s finalists tour.

Let the “Battle” begin.


Jan. 13: BOYNE CITY vs Kalkaska
Jan. 20: TRAVERSE CITY WEST vs Alpena 
Jan. 28: CHARLOTTE vs Dewitt 
Feb. 1: PETOSKEY vs Sault Ste Marie
Feb 3: FRANKENMUTH vs Millington

Read more about the BOTF VI Finalists on  Second Half.

Congrats to Traverse City West HS, BOTF V Champion!

Cooper Kirby has a lot of people he’ll be thanking today.

First, he’ll celebrate with his classmates, numbering more than 1,600 strong. Then he’ll text Traverse City West’s 2007-08 student senate governor, Chase O’Black, who started the “Bleacher Creatures” cheering section nearly a decade ago.

Then Kirby will call the governors from his first three years at West and thank them for inspiring the current Creatures to carry on the legacy he and the rest of the senior class will soon leave for those who will next take their turns running the show.

And he can’t think of a better way to go out than as part of a Battle of the Fans champion.

#BOTF V: Make Way For A New Champion

The second-largest and arguably strongest pool of applicants in Battle of the Fans history made it especially hard for members of the MHSAA Student Advisory Council to pick only five finalists for this year’s competition.

The result? A mix of past contenders and rising candidates that together guarantee there will be a first-time winner for the fifth time in the contest’s five-year history.

Yale, a finalist in 2015, again is in the running and joined by Charlotte, Munising, Muskegon Western Michigan Christian and 2014 finalist Traverse City West. This year’s pool of 22 applicants was the second-largest in Battle of the Fans history and largest since 2013.

Finalists will be visited for the following home boys basketball games:

Jan. 15YALE vs Armada
Feb. 4TRAVERSE CITY WEST vs Traverse City Central
Feb 5MUNISING vs Superior Central
Feb 12CHARLOTTE vs Parma Western

To read more, visit the article on Second Half

Congrats to Dowagiac HS, BOTF IV Champion!

Sydney Brooks always has taken pride in her town, even as classmates talked about how there was nothing to do in Dowagiac and how they couldn’t wait to leave when high school was done.

Turns out there’s a lot of fun to be had in her school’s corner of the southwestern Lower Peninsula, and it’s come full circle for the “Attack” – Dowagiac’s student section and this season’s MHSAA Battle of the Fans IV champion.

Read the full story >>>

Congrats to Beaverton HS, BOTF III Champion!

Beaverton’s “Bleacher Creatures” student section has filled stands for 35 years. But when leaders decided this fall to get more organized, and then met this for the first-ever Spirit Club meeting, they had one goal in mind:

Win Battle of the Fans III.

After falling just short of making last season’s five finalists, the Creatures simply wanted a chance to show what they’ve been doing since their parents were in high school. They got their chance Friday during the MHSAA’s visit for a boys basketball game against Houghton Lake – and showed more than enough to capture the title as the state’s top high school cheering section.

Read the full story >>

And the 2013 BOTF Winner Is...

Josh Money had gone to just about every Buchanan boys basketball game during his first three years of high school, usually one in a semi-full section of stands.

But as the senior “Trophy Buck” stood in front of his school’s newly-created “Herd” for its first theme night on Dec. 7, he hardly could believe his eyes.

Read the rest of the story...

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Grand Rapids Christian

From the Student Advisory Council

4 Simple Guidelines for a Great Student Section 

1. Focus on your school. Encourage and direct comments to your team only. Don’t target individuals on the opposing team. Be loud, and be your team’s “6th man”.

2. Promote a positive atmosphere. Cheers should uplift the crowd and get everyone involved. Be aware that children and parents are there, too.

3. Get organized. Select a group of leaders. Promote the togetherness of the entire student body. Organize theme nights. Develop your own original cheers.